Case | HBS Case Collection | November 2003 (Revised March 2008)

Caja España: Managing the Branches to Sell (A)

by Francisco de Asis Martinez-Jerez and Rosario de Albornoz


Juan Luis Rojas, commercial planning manager of a Caja de Ahorros (savings bank), faces the challenge of motivating the branches to sell more long-term mortgages and ponders whether to use transfer prices to achieve his objective.

Keywords: Business Divisions; Banks and Banking; Resource Allocation; Organizational Design; Performance Improvement; Sales; Motivation and Incentives; Banking Industry;


Martinez-Jerez, Francisco de Asis, and Rosario de Albornoz. "Caja España: Managing the Branches to Sell (A)." Harvard Business School Case 104-044, November 2003. (Revised March 2008.)