Journal Article | Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade | December 2007

Industrial Policy in the United States

by Christian H.M. Ketels


Does US government policy purposefully benefit particular industries or is industrial policy absent in the USA? Based on a review of recent US policies this paper argues that the USA applies many policies with an industry-specific impact. But these policies do not differ significantly from those in other countries and the process in which US industrial policies emerge severely limits their consistency. What differentiates the USA is a microeconomic business environment that enables a high degree of regional specialization, benefits especially knowledge-driven industries, and raises the impact of innovation and entrepreneurship policies.

Keywords: Microeconomics; Entrepreneurship; Policy; Innovation and Invention; Supply and Industry; Business and Government Relations; United States;


Ketels, Christian H.M. "Industrial Policy in the United States." Special Issue on The Future of Industrial Policy Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade 7, nos. 3-4 (December 2007): 143–323.