Case | HBS Case Collection | October 2003 (Revised November 2004)

Joe Bachelder: Executive Pay Negotiator

by Jason R. Barro, Brian J. Hall and Aaron Zimmerman


Joe Bachelder was the leading executive pay negotiator in the United States, securing generous contracts for CEOs and executives at Fortune 500 companies. The CEO of Victor Sports Co. resigned, and the board offered the job to Charles Suarez, a star executive from a competitor. Suarez retained Bachelder's services and the negotiation commenced. It soon ran into difficulty when Suarez and Bachelder proposed a contract with very different terms than Victor offered: Suarez asked for a much higher compensation package with a large stock option grant. The board had to decide whether to increase their offer, and Suarez had to decide whether he was willing to accept less than he originally proposed.

Keywords: Negotiation Preparation; Negotiation Process; Negotiation Participants; Executive Compensation; Retail Industry; Sports Industry;


Barro, Jason R., Brian J. Hall, and Aaron Zimmerman. "Joe Bachelder: Executive Pay Negotiator." Harvard Business School Case 904-030, October 2003. (Revised November 2004.)