Case | HBS Case Collection | October 2003 (Revised August 2005)

American Legacy: Beyond the Truth Campaign

by Youngme E. Moon and Kerry Herman


The hard-hitting "Truth" campaign has been one of the most successful antismoking initiatives in history. The focus of the "Truth" campaign is to dissuade teenagers from smoking. The sponsor of the campaign, the American Legacy Foundation, is now trying to decide whether to readjust its priorities and focus on what it calls "the other side of the equation"--encouraging already-addicted adult smokers to quit smoking. However, the only way to do this is by diverting resources away from the "Truth" campaign, a campaign that they know is working. Includes color exhibits.

Keywords: Advertising Campaigns; Communication Strategy; Customer Focus and Relationships; Decision Choices and Conditions; Ethics; Brands and Branding; Corporate Social Responsibility and Impact;


Moon, Youngme E., and Kerry Herman. "American Legacy: Beyond the Truth Campaign." Harvard Business School Case 504-014, October 2003. (Revised August 2005.)