Case | HBS Case Collection | October 2003 (Revised December 2003)

Orange Imagineering

by Joseph B. Lassiter III and Todd H Thedinga


As a proven entrepreneur, Rich Miner has been successful in the start-up world. Now, following the acquisition of his start-up, he has established a corporate R&D/venture operation in America to serve as the "eyes and ears" of his European parent company, Orange Telecom. He has resources that he never imagined, but getting Orange's attention is very hard to do.

Keywords: Corporate Entrepreneurship; Research and Development; Business Startups; Acquisition; Telecommunications Industry; United States; Europe;


Lassiter, Joseph B., III, and Todd H Thedinga. "Orange Imagineering." Harvard Business School Case 804-048, October 2003. (Revised December 2003.)