Case | HBS Case Collection | August 2003 (Revised January 2004)

Board of Directors at The Coca-Cola Company, The

by Jay W. Lorsch, Rakesh Khurana and Sonya Sanchez


Provides a history of the board of directors of the Coca-Cola Co. through 2003. Describes the evolution in the board's membership, practices, and structure and the role it played in the company's governance. Questions are raised about the relationship between the board and top management, especially how the board is carrying out its responsibilities in the 21st century.

Keywords: Governing and Advisory Boards; Corporate Governance; Food and Beverage Industry;


Lorsch, Jay W., Rakesh Khurana, and Sonya Sanchez. "Board of Directors at The Coca-Cola Company, The." Harvard Business School Case 404-039, August 2003. (Revised January 2004.)