Case | HBS Case Collection | June 2003

In-N-Out Burger

by Youngme E. Moon, Lucy Cummings, Sonali Sampat, Sam Thakarar and Kerry Herman


In-N-Out Burger is a fast-food chain with 171 company-owned locations in three states--California, Nevada, and Arizona. It has an extremely hardcore customer base and the company appears to be in good financial health. The primary issue in this case concerns expansion: how quickly should the company expand and should that growth occur regionally or nationally? A secondary issue involves the question of brand stewardship, namely, who is in the best position to steward the brand as it continues to grow over the next decade?

Keywords: Customer Relationship Management; Profit; Leadership Development; Brands and Branding; Product Marketing; Distribution; Expansion; Food and Beverage Industry; Arizona; California; Nevada;


Moon, Youngme E., Lucy Cummings, Sonali Sampat, Sam Thakarar, and Kerry Herman. "In-N-Out Burger." Harvard Business School Case 503-096, June 2003.