Case | HBS Case Collection | July 2003 (Revised December 2003)

Investment Policy at New England Healthcare

by Jay O. Light, Luis M. Viceira and Akiko M. Mitsui


The Investment Committee of New England Healthcare must decide how to invest three long-term investment pools: a long-term, endowment-type fund and two pension plans. In particular, the committee is evaluating whether the two pension funds--one is a "final salary" pension plan, the other a "cash balance" pension plan--should have special investment considerations due to the unique characteristics of these plans' liabilities.

Keywords: Decisions; Asset Management; Investment; Investment Portfolio; Policy; Taxation; Health Industry; England;


Light, Jay O., Luis M. Viceira, and Akiko M. Mitsui. "Investment Policy at New England Healthcare." Harvard Business School Case 204-018, July 2003. (Revised December 2003.)