Case | HBS Case Collection | June 2003 (Revised May 2006)


by Rohit Deshpande and Laura Winig


The head of Cipla, a $325-million-dollar Indian pharmaceutical company and seller of low-cost AIDS drugs to South Africa, must decide what to do about Cipla's future. With India poised to enforce international patents in only two years, much of Cipla's product line could become unsaleable (given that it is based on product patents protected in industrialized countries). Describes Cipla's role in forcing global pharmaceutical companies to lower their prices for AIDS drugs.

Keywords: Trade; Price; Global Strategy; Health Care and Treatment; Patents; Leadership; Marketing Strategy; Health Industry; South Africa; India;


Deshpande, Rohit, and Laura Winig. "Cipla." Harvard Business School Case 503-085, June 2003. (Revised May 2006.)