Module Note | May 2003

Building Capabilities for Experimentation, Learning, and Prototyping

by Stefan H. Thomke


Describes the conceptual foundations and pedagogy for a module on managing experimentation, learning, and prototyping in the development of products and services. Can also be used as part of a more general course on Managing Technology and Innovation. Shows how development activities should be structured, organized, and led such that they fully leverage the power of experimentation. Addresses many issues that students need to understand to manage experimentation activities successfully, ranging from structured experimentation to managing experimentation processes under technological change. No prior technical training is needed. involved. Students with technical backgrounds will find the material enriching.

Keywords: Service Delivery; Product Development; Learning; Technological Innovation; Technology; Management;


Thomke, Stefan H. "Building Capabilities for Experimentation, Learning, and Prototyping." Harvard Business School Module Note 603-089, May 2003.