Case | HBS Case Collection | April 2003 (Revised February 2004)

Kodak (A)

by Giovanni M. Gavetti, Rebecca Henderson and Simona Giorgi


The introduction of digital imaging in the late 1980s had a disruptive effect on Kodak's traditional business model. Examines Kodak's strategic efforts and challenges as the photography industry evolves. After discussing Kodak's history and its past strategic moves in the new landscape, the case questions how CEO Daniel Carp can use digital imaging to revitalize Kodak.

Keywords: History; Business Model; Leadership; Disruption; Industry Growth; Business Strategy; Consumer Products Industry;


Gavetti, Giovanni M., Rebecca Henderson, and Simona Giorgi. "Kodak (A)." Harvard Business School Case 703-503, April 2003. (Revised February 2004.)