Case | HBS Case Collection | March 2003 (Revised August 2005)

Making SMaL Big: SMaL Camera Technologies

by Clayton M. Christensen and Scott Duncan Anthony


SMaL Camera Technologies CEO Maurizio Arienzo was trying to decide what market opportunities SMaL should target. The company had developed a revolutionary imaging technology that powered small digital still and video cameras. Its first-generation product--a kit to power a credit-card-size consumer camera--was a success. Now, Arienzo had to decide whether to focus on beating back emerging competitors in the consumer space, stepping up efforts to crack the security and surveillance market, trying to reach the automotive market, developing a cellular phone camera offering, or making a "left turn." The decision would determine whether SMaL ever hit it big.

Keywords: Product Development; Decision Making; Disruptive Innovation; Market Entry and Exit; Electronics Industry; Computer Industry; Massachusetts;


Christensen, Clayton M., and Scott Duncan Anthony. "Making SMaL Big: SMaL Camera Technologies." Harvard Business School Case 603-116, March 2003. (Revised August 2005.)