Case | HBS Case Collection | February 2003 (Revised May 2003)

Bombardier: Canada versus Brazil at the WTO

by Rawi E. Abdelal, Laura Alfaro and Brett Laschinger


In less than a decade, Bombardier had grown from a medium-size Canadian company to a highly profitable global player largely on the strength of the introduction of a new generation of regional jet and successfully marketing its product to airlines around the world. Events taking place on the other side of the globe, however, threatened Bombardier's hard-earned success. A nasty trade dispute with Brazilian rival Embraer was dragging on into its fifth year with no end in sight. Recent developments in the dispute at the WTO were forcing CEO Robert Brown and his team to decide on a strategy for what could very well turn out to be the most critical year in the company's history.

Keywords: Trade; Global Strategy; Five Forces Framework; Marketing Strategy; Product Launch; Business and Government Relations; Situation or Environment; Competition; Air Transportation Industry; Canada; Brazil;


Abdelal, Rawi E., Laura Alfaro, and Brett Laschinger. "Bombardier: Canada versus Brazil at the WTO." Harvard Business School Case 703-022, February 2003. (Revised May 2003.)