Case | HBS Case Collection | February 2003 (Revised March 2007)

Internet Customer Acquisition Strategy at Bankinter

by Francisco de Asis Martinez-Jerez, V.G. Narayanan and Lisa Brem


Bankinter, a relatively small Spanish bank, has a large presence as an Internet financial services provider. Leading the way to profitability through the Internet will give Bankinter a major competitive advantage over the larger, more established Spanish banks. Ann Peralta, director of the Internet network in Bankinter, must evaluate whether the thousands of new customers pouring in from other portals are profitable for the bank. Peralta uses tools such as customer relationship management, activity-based costing, customer profitability, and lifetime value computations to determine the value of this cohort of new customers for the bank and in doing so, can decide on future customer acquisition strategies.

Keywords: Customer Relationship Management; Internet; Activity Based Costing and Management; Customer Value and Value Chain; Banks and Banking; Banking Industry; Spain;


Martinez-Jerez, Francisco de Asis, V.G. Narayanan, and Lisa Brem. "Internet Customer Acquisition Strategy at Bankinter." Harvard Business School Case 103-021, February 2003. (Revised March 2007.)