Case | HBS Case Collection | February 2003 (Revised April 2004)

Pharmaceutical Industry, The: Challenges in the New Century

by Stephen P. Bradley and James Weber


Provides a broad overview of the numerous internal and external forces that were driving change in the global pharmaceutical industry in 2003. These forces--including downward price pressures, political and social pressures, increased development costs, new technologies, new and different competitors, consolidation, and threats to its basic business models--were changing the way drugs were discovered, developed, manufactured, tested, regulated, marketed, sold, and purchased. A rewritten version of an earlier case.

Keywords: Business Model; Change; Cost; Price; Globalization; Government and Politics; Brands and Branding; Industry Growth; Society; Competition; Consolidation; Technology; Pharmaceutical Industry;


Bradley, Stephen P., and James Weber. "Pharmaceutical Industry, The: Challenges in the New Century." Harvard Business School Case 703-489, February 2003. (Revised April 2004.)