Case | HBS Case Collection | February 2003 (Revised December 2005)

Susan Griffin: Formulation of a Long-Term Investment Strategy

by Dwight B. Crane and Julia Stevens


Susan Griffin, owner and cofounder of a small manufacturing company, is formulating a long-term investment strategy. Griffin plans to sell her $10 million company and invest the revenue. She must decide how to allocate her investment so that she can rely entirely on investment income for her financial needs, while still maintaining a comfortable standard of living. In addition, Griffin wants to be able to offer financial help to her two children and her elderly mother.

Keywords: Strategy; Business Exit or Shutdown; Investment;


Crane, Dwight B., and Julia Stevens. "Susan Griffin: Formulation of a Long-Term Investment Strategy." Harvard Business School Case 203-072, February 2003. (Revised December 2005.)