Case | HBS Case Collection | January 2003 (Revised June 2005)

Multinationals as Engines of Growth?

by Geoffrey G. Jones


Reviews the issues surrounding estimating the impact over time of multinationals on host economies. Uses a series of short historical case studies, including the role of United Fruit in the "banana" republics of Central America, oil and banking in Iran before the 1950s, technology transfer in Japan between 1899 and 1970, the impact of U.S. multinationals on the British diet in the 20th century, the Malaysian electronics industry after 1970, and the role of Japanese companies in the U.S. automobile industry in the 1980s.

Keywords: Business History; Multinational Firms and Management; Trade; Growth and Development; Corporate Entrepreneurship; Globalized Economies and Regions; Iran; United States; Malaysia; Japan;


Jones, Geoffrey G. "Multinationals as Engines of Growth?" Harvard Business School Case 803-108, January 2003. (Revised June 2005.)