Case | HBS Case Collection | January 2003 (Revised January 2007)

Guide Dogs for the Blind Association

by Allen S. Grossman, Jane Wei-Skillern and Kristin Lieb


In 2002, Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, the recognized world leader in the breeding and training of guide dogs, was in the midst of broadening its reach and providing additional mobility services. Chief Executive Geraldine Peacock was concerned that systemic problems, such as competition among organizations serving the visually impaired, program redundancy, and lack of optimum resource utilization this case prevented services from being delivered to many visually impaired people who needed them. Chronicles this nonprofit organization's attempt to leverage resources beyond traditional organizational boundaries and collaborate with competitors to deliver a wider range of services to its users.

Keywords: Transition; Growth and Development Strategy; Resource Allocation; Organizational Change and Adaptation; Programs; Networks; Nonprofit Organizations; Competitive Strategy;


Grossman, Allen S., Jane Wei-Skillern, and Kristin Lieb. "Guide Dogs for the Blind Association." Harvard Business School Case 303-006, January 2003. (Revised January 2007.)