Exercise | January 2003 (Revised July 2006)

Travelexis.com Role for Jackie Hoff from Travelexis.com

by Kathleen L. McGinn and Nicole Nasser


Two fictional travel companies, SCOUT and TravelPlanner, engage in competitive bidding to acquire a third party, Travelexis. This exercise consists of three roles, one representative from each of the three companies. It is based on the actual negotiations between Headhunter (represented by Travelexis), Yahoo! (SCOUT), and CareerBuilder (TravelPlanner).

Keywords: Negotiation; Bids and Bidding; Acquisition; Travel Industry;


McGinn, Kathleen L., and Nicole Nasser. "Travelexis.com Role for Jackie Hoff from Travelexis.com." Harvard Business School Exercise 903-061, January 2003. (Revised July 2006.)