Case | HBS Case Collection | December 2002 (Revised June 2003)

A Wider Europe: The Challenge of EU Enlargement

by Rawi E. Abdelal and Kimberly A. Haddad


By 2002, the euphoria that accompanied the grandest achievement to date of Europe's 50-plus years of integration--full monetary union--was fading fast. European policy makers completed the historically unprecedented monetary integration of 12 countries, and then they turned their attention to an equally challenging issue: enlarging the European Union (EU). By the beginning of the 21st century, 13 countries clamored for membership in this most exclusive club of rich, democratic, European states. With so many prospective members knocking on the door, European policy makers were forced to decide quickly whom to let in and under what conditions.

Keywords: History; Cost vs Benefits; Expansion; Decision Choices and Conditions; Problems and Challenges; European Union; Europe;


Abdelal, Rawi E., and Kimberly A. Haddad. "A Wider Europe: The Challenge of EU Enlargement." Harvard Business School Case 703-021, December 2002. (Revised June 2003.)