Case | HBS Case Collection | November 2002 (Revised January 2004)

Martha McCaskey

by Joshua D. Margolis and Bart J. van Dissel


Martha McCaskey, a project leader at a consulting firm, is asked to complete a project at a crucial point in her career. Successful completion of the project would gain McCaskey a promotion and a significant raise. McCaskey, however, cannot see a way to complete the project without compromising her values. She must decide whether to maintain the high degree of integrity that has always characterized her work or to compromise and "play the game."

Keywords: Ethics; Values and Beliefs; Personal Development and Career; Decision Making; Problems and Challenges; Consulting Industry;


Margolis, Joshua D., and Bart J. van Dissel. "Martha McCaskey." Harvard Business School Case 403-114, November 2002. (Revised January 2004.)