Background Note | HBS Case Collection | September 2002 (Revised February 2012)

Europe: Data Supplement, 1950-2011

by Huw R. Pill, Lakshmi Iyer, Marie-Laure Goepfer and Ingrid Vogel


Supplements The Blair Wealth Project: Antecedents and Prospects, Renewing Germany: Kohl's Legacy and Schroder's Dilemma, Italy: A New Commitment to Growth, and The Netherlands: Is the Polder Model Sinking?

Keywords: Data and Data Sets; United Kingdom; Germany; Italy; Netherlands;


Pill, Huw R., Lakshmi Iyer, Marie-Laure Goepfer, and Ingrid Vogel. "Europe: Data Supplement, 1950-2011." Harvard Business School Background Note 703-013, September 2002. (Revised February 2012.)