Case | HBS Case Collection | September 2002 (Revised November 2002)

Transformation at the IRS

by Amy C. Edmondson, Frances X. Frei and Corey B. Hajim


Describes the service transformation occurring at the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. Plagued by a history of poor service, enormous complexity, and an insular employee base, the 100,000-person organization grapples with a turnaround process that attempts to change virtually every aspect of the organization, including IT systems, This case includes information regarding share services organizational structure, organizational culture, and customer service. This case includes information regarding shared services.

Keywords: Service Delivery; Service Operations; Organizational Structure; Taxation; Organizational Culture; Transformation; Public Administration Industry; United States;


Edmondson, Amy C., Frances X. Frei, and Corey B. Hajim. "Transformation at the IRS." Harvard Business School Case 603-010, September 2002. (Revised November 2002.)