Case | HBS Case Collection | September 2002 (Revised October 2002)

Bank of America (A)

by Stefan H. Thomke and Ashok Nimgade


Describes how Bank of America is creating a system for product and service innovation in its retail banking business. Emphasis is placed on the role of experimentation in some two-dozen real-life "laboratories" that serve as fully operating banking branches and as sites for testing new ideas and concepts. Focuses on: 1) how learning from experimentation can be maximized; 2) incentive and reward systems that motivate employees to experiment in "life" environments; and 3) the challenges of managing innovation in an industry that eschews risks, failure, and change.

Keywords: Motivation and Incentives; Problems and Challenges; Innovation and Management; Risk and Uncertainty; Change; Failure; Banks and Banking; Learning; Banking Industry;


Thomke, Stefan H., and Ashok Nimgade. "Bank of America (A)." Harvard Business School Case 603-022, September 2002. (Revised October 2002.)