Case | HBS Case Collection | September 2002 (Revised January 2013)

Siebel Systems: Organizing for the Customer

by Robert Simons and Antonio Davila


Siebel Systems is one of the fastest growing companies in America. Tom Siebel, the company's founder, has organized the business to accommodate growth and focus on the customer. Innovative information technology systems and clear accountability prove to be essential to this new approach to organization design. For example, a new employee must successfully pass an online test to demonstrate her understanding of Siebel's management systems and practices.

Keywords: Organizational Structure; Software; Business Growth and Maturation; Information Technology; Performance Evaluation; Performance Expectations; Innovation and Management; Technological Innovation; Customer Focus and Relationships; Management Teams; Information Technology Industry; North and Central America;


Simons, Robert, and Antonio Davila. "Siebel Systems: Organizing for the Customer." Harvard Business School Case 103-014, September 2002. (Revised January 2013.)