Case | HBS Case Collection | September 2002

Abercrombie & Kent

by Frances X. Frei, Brian Corbett, Mark Partin and Daniel Rethazy


Describes Abercrombie & Kent, the outdoor adventure company that has provided services throughout the entire history of the outdoor adventure industry. Provides an opportunity to learn how the company successfully grown into a premier player in the industry by adapting to the maturing needs of its customer base. The dilemma is to determine what the company should do now that its target market has aged and the primary growth in the industry is with younger travelers.

Keywords: History; Financial Management; Activity Based Costing and Management; Service Operations; Marketing Reference Programs; Product Development; Business Growth and Maturation; Balance and Stability; Marketing Channels; Transportation; Growth and Development Strategy; Travel Industry;


Frei, Frances X., Brian Corbett, Mark Partin, and Daniel Rethazy. "Abercrombie & Kent." Harvard Business School Case 603-002, September 2002.