Case | HBS Case Collection | August 2002 (Revised August 2003)

Electronic Arts Introduces The Sims Online

by Youngme E. Moon


Electronic Arts (EA), the world's largest independent game publisher, is preparing to launch an online, subscription-based version of the most popular PC game in history: The Sims. The new game is called "The Sims Online" and it differs from the original game in two key respects: the gaming experience and the payment structure. In this context, EA managers must finalize several decisions that they believe are fundamental to the game's success, including target market selection and pricing/payment structure.

Keywords: Fair Value Accounting; Decision Making; Price; Product Launch; Market Entry and Exit; Internet; Entertainment and Recreation Industry;


Moon, Youngme E. "Electronic Arts Introduces The Sims Online." Harvard Business School Case 503-008, August 2002. (Revised August 2003.)