Case | HBS Case Collection | August 2002 (Revised June 2006)

Great Dakota Bank: Online Banking

by Frances X. Frei, Youngme E. Moon and Hanna Rodriguez-Farrar


In 2002, Great Dakota Bank's retail division is considering how heavily it should be promoting the company's online banking service. A recent promotional campaign appears to have significantly increased enrollments in online banking, but it is unclear whether the bank should continue to trade promotional incentives for online subscriptions. Contains data that force students to consider the impact of adding a new low-cost channel (the Internet) on consumer behavior; this analysis raises questions about whether the new channel does, in fact, lower the cost to serve customers.

Keywords: Banks and Banking; Internet; Customer Relationship Management; Consumer Behavior; Demand and Consumers; Technological Innovation; Customer Value and Value Chain; Customer Satisfaction; Management; Service Operations; Banking Industry;


Frei, Frances X., Youngme E. Moon, and Hanna Rodriguez-Farrar. "Great Dakota Bank: Online Banking." Harvard Business School Case 603-011, August 2002. (Revised June 2006.)