Case | HBS Case Collection | July 2002

Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago's Mentoring Program, The (A)

by David A. Thomas and Gina Carioggia


Describes steps taken to implement and manage a successful employee mentoring program at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. A cultural change at the bank provided the context out of which the program grew. The case describes the development of the program, highlighting design principles key to the program's success and its implementation and initial results after nine months. Program manager Amy Rubinstein and executive sponsor Jack Wixted considered how to expand the successful program to include more employees while maintaining the key aspects that contributed to the program's success.

Keywords: Design; Training; Human Resources; Employee Relationship Management; Public Ownership; Planning;


Thomas, David A., and Gina Carioggia. "Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago's Mentoring Program, The (A)." Harvard Business School Case 403-019, July 2002.