Case | HBS Case Collection | June 2002 (Revised January 2010)

Delphi Corporation (A)

by Jay W. Lorsch, Rakesh Khurana and Sonya Sanchez


The Delphi Corp.'s board of directors faces a transition as lead director Thomas Wyman approaches mandatory retirement. Chairman and CEO J.T. Battenberg reflects on Delphi's history and its successful reinvention by Wyman and Battenberg when it separated from its 100-year-old parent company, GM. Examines how boards of directors interact with top management and how management can work effectively with an active board.

Keywords: Corporate Governance; Governing and Advisory Boards; Leadership; Management Succession; Management Teams; Relationships; Corporate Strategy;


Lorsch, Jay W., Rakesh Khurana, and Sonya Sanchez. "Delphi Corporation (A)." Harvard Business School Case 402-033, June 2002. (Revised January 2010.)