Teaching Note | HBS Case Collection | April 2002

Managing Technology Ventures - Module Teaching Note (TN)

by Alan D. MacCormack


Describes the conceptual foundations for a module on venture design, which forms part of an MBA course called Managing Technology Ventures. The objective of the course is to teach students how to think critically about the design of a technology venture, using cases that span a spectrum of different technological contexts. The premise for the course is that many technology ventures fail, not because they are based on bad ideas per se (although many are) but because they are poorly designed and executed. This module develops a number of concepts underlying a more evolutionary approach to venture design, geared to overcoming the fact that technology ventures typically face great uncertainty with respect to the opportunities they face.

Keywords: Business Education; Business or Company Management; Organizational Design; Risk and Uncertainty; Opportunities; Technology;


MacCormack, Alan D. "Managing Technology Ventures - Module Teaching Note (TN)." Harvard Business School Teaching Note 602-139, April 2002.