Case | HBS Case Collection | February 2002 (Revised March 2003)

Casuarinas Educational Corporation

by Michael J. Roberts, Howard H. Stevenson and Matthew C. Leib


Casuarinas has developed a very successful elementary, now secondary, school based on excellence in teaching, service, and multilingual education. Peru lacks similar high-quality post-secondary institutions. This case focuses on the potential entry of Casuarinas into the post-secondary educational market.

Keywords: Forecasting and Prediction; Higher Education; Entrepreneurship; Management; Market Entry and Exit; Planning; Competitive Strategy; Competitive Advantage; Education Industry; Peru;


Roberts, Michael J., Howard H. Stevenson, and Matthew C. Leib. "Casuarinas Educational Corporation." Harvard Business School Case 802-083, February 2002. (Revised March 2003.)