Case | HBS Case Collection | February 2002 (Revised February 2003)

Remaking the Rainbow Nation: South Africa 2002

by Rawi E. Abdelal, Debora L. Spar and Katherine E. Cousins


In April 1994, the world witnessed a political milestone in South Africa. After decades of repression and racial segregation, South Africa's black majority came to power at last, as the African National Congress (ANC), led by the celebrated Nelson Mandela, rode into power with 63% of the vote in the country's first racially inclusive election. Eight years after this electoral victory, however, many South Africans are starting to question the shifting priorities of the ANC. Although the political situation of the country has vastly improved, the economy remains fragile, and some of the ANC's most loyal allies are decrying what they see as a change of faith. Thabo Mbeki, a former political exile who became president in 1999, must now decide what democracy means for South Africa and how best to preserve it.

Keywords: Development Economics; Race; Political Elections; Economic Growth; Business and Government Relations; South Africa;


Abdelal, Rawi E., Debora L. Spar, and Katherine E. Cousins. "Remaking the Rainbow Nation: South Africa 2002." Harvard Business School Case 702-035, February 2002. (Revised February 2003.)