Case | HBS Case Collection | February 2002 (Revised May 2004)

U.S. Labs

by Michael J. Roberts and Robert F. Higgins


Describes the evolution of a start-up venture in the pathology lab segment of the clinical lab business. U.S. Labs tries a series of business models before running out of cash. The company is in dire need of financing, as its venture capital backers are refusing to put up more capital and its bank is calling its loan. Discusses how the CEO is willing to put up his own funding and still believes in the company's future.

Keywords: Entrepreneurship; Business Startups; Venture Capital; Financial Strategy; Financing and Loans; Business Model; Business or Company Management; Planning; Business Strategy; Health Industry;


Roberts, Michael J., and Robert F. Higgins. "U.S. Labs." Harvard Business School Case 802-163, February 2002. (Revised May 2004.)