Case | HBS Case Collection | February 2002 (Revised April 2011)

The Future of Hybrid Electric Vehicles

by John T. Gourville, Alice Tzou and David Lane


Set in 2002, this case looks at the potential for hybrid electric vehicles in the United States. Looks at the pressures on the automotive industry to produce a commercially viable, environmentally friendly vehicle and the consumer behavior surrounding purchase of those vehicles. Traces efforts over the years to produce electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, and fuel-cell vehicles. Presents the questions of whether and why hybrid electric vehicles will succeed where other alternative-fuel vehicles have failed.

Keywords: Technological Innovation; Marketing Strategy; Consumer Behavior; Environmental Sustainability; Technology Adoption; Auto Industry; United States;


Gourville, John T., Alice Tzou, and David Lane. "The Future of Hybrid Electric Vehicles." Harvard Business School Case 502-025, February 2002. (Revised April 2011.)