Background Note | HBS Case Collection | January 2002 (Revised June 2002)

A Note on Building and Leading Your Senior Team

by Linda A. Hill and Maria Farkas


As performance demands intensify in fast-moving global markets, more executives are coming to rely on senior teams for strategic and operational assistance. Team building with powerful senior executives presents special challenges, including competition for their boss' position. Examines those challenges and describes in detail two primary responsibilities of managing such teams effectively: managing team boundaries, that is, the political dynamics of the team; and team process-leading the team. Contains a special appendix discussing leading and building global teams. To discuss how to build an effective team culture by harnessing the energies of talented, diverse individuals to create coordinated action.

Keywords: Talent and Talent Management; Globalized Markets and Industries; Selection and Staffing; Leadership; Management Teams; Operations; Organizational Culture; Rank and Position; Strategy;


Hill, Linda A., and Maria Farkas. "A Note on Building and Leading Your Senior Team." Harvard Business School Background Note 402-037, January 2002. (Revised June 2002.)