Case | HBS Case Collection | January 2002

Intrinsix: Managing Growth at an Electronic Design Service Company

by H. Kent Bowen and Courtney Purrington


Intrinsix is a 15-year-old semiconductor design services company that wants to continue its growth and market reach and appears to be ready for an initial public offering (IPO). This case leads up to this strategic decision point by tracing the growth of Intrinsix from a one-employee shop to a "franchise" model boasting 188 employees, 18 offices, and $32 million in revenues. Just when an IPO seems to be the logical channel for the company's continued growth, a trusted senior engineer brings up several issues that he asks to be resolved before the company finds itself under public scrutiny.

Keywords: Decisions; Initial Public Offering; Growth Management; Management Analysis, Tools, and Techniques; Management Style; Marketing Strategy; Problems and Challenges; Competitive Strategy; Electronics Industry;


Bowen, H. Kent, and Courtney Purrington. "Intrinsix: Managing Growth at an Electronic Design Service Company." Harvard Business School Case 602-067, January 2002.