Case | HBS Case Collection | December 2001

Sarah Vickers-Willis: Career Decisions (A)

by Myra M. Hart, Lynda M. Applegate, Sarah Harden and Susan Saltrick


Sarah Vickers-Willis, HBS MBA 1999, faces a critical career decision: Does she redirect the Internet start-up she helped found or join in shaping a for-profit firm with a social mission? Sarah, a young Australian business executive, has always strived to "find space" for what's important to her in her career. Her career decisions began when she decided to interrupt a successful consulting career in Australia to attend Harvard Business School and continued through her founding (with three other HBS classmates) a fast-track Internet start-up. This case traces Sarah's increasing involvement with a small for-profit firm dedicated to improving the financial education of young women and ends with a decision point: Should she stay with the company she helped found, or should she move to the entrepreneurial firm with a social mission?

Keywords: Decisions; Leadership; Internet; Social Entrepreneurship; Personal Development and Career; Gender; Business Startups;


Hart, Myra M., Lynda M. Applegate, Sarah Harden, and Susan Saltrick. "Sarah Vickers-Willis: Career Decisions (A)." Harvard Business School Case 802-111, December 2001.