Case | HBS Case Collection | November 2001 (Revised April 2002)

Taking Charge at Dogus Holding (A)

by Rakesh Khurana, Gina Carioggia and Simon Johnson


Describes 37-year-old Ferit Sahenk's challenges in taking over his father's traditionally managed $14 billion Turkish conglomerate in a period of economic instability. Leading the large holding company into the 21st century will require the establishment of a more institutionalized structure as opposed to the highly personal style of Ferit's father as he grew the company over the past 50 years. Addresses issues of how to establish credibility as the company's new leader, how to motivate his board members to participate more in the company decisions, how to manage in a period of increasing international competition and Turkey's political and financial instability, and the complexities of succession in family-owned businesses.

Keywords: Business Conglomerates; Trade; Competitive Strategy; Decision Making; Leadership; Performance Effectiveness; Organizational Change and Adaptation; Family Business; Change Management; Turkey;


Khurana, Rakesh, Gina Carioggia, and Simon Johnson. "Taking Charge at Dogus Holding (A)." Harvard Business School Case 402-009, November 2001. (Revised April 2002.)