Case | HBS Case Collection | November 2001 (Revised March 2002)

Digital Angel

by Youngme E. Moon and Kerry Herman


Digital Angel is considering the appropriate marketing plan for the launch of its new locator device. The device, a watch and pager worn in combination, provides GPS location information and monitors heart rate and body temperature via body sensors. Parents of young children and caregivers of Alzheimer's patients are the initial target markets for the device, but at least 26 potential markets have been identified for the product. Building a brand and generating positive word of mouth are central to the marketing plan decision. But the technology also raises concerns over privacy issues, and the benefits of the product are complex and challenging to communicate.

Keywords: Information; Safety; Rights; Market Entry and Exit; Ethics; Product Launch; Brands and Branding; Product Development;


Moon, Youngme E., and Kerry Herman. "Digital Angel." Harvard Business School Case 502-021, November 2001. (Revised March 2002.)