Background Note | HBS Case Collection | October 2001 (Revised December 2001)

Extraterritorial Applications of Antitrust Law: U.S. and Japanese Approaches

by Guhan Subramanian and Michelle Kalka


This case describes the differebt approaches the United States and Japan have taken to extend the jurisdiction of their antitrust laws to foreign companies. The section on the United States, in particular, focuses on the evolving logic of the Supreme Court in dealing with these issues. It presents the case of United States vs. Nippon Paper Industries Co. Ltd. and demonstrates the difficulties of applying somewhat abstract principles of jurisdiction to a real-life situation.

Keywords: Laws and Statutes; Lawfulness; Government Legislation; Policy; Business or Company Management; Government and Politics; Pulp and Paper Industry; United States; Japan;


Subramanian, Guhan, and Michelle Kalka. "Extraterritorial Applications of Antitrust Law: U.S. and Japanese Approaches." Harvard Business School Background Note 902-067, October 2001. (Revised December 2001.)