Case | HBS Case Collection | October 2001 (Revised November 2002)

Herman Miller (A): Innovation by Design

by Sandra J. Sucher and Stacy McManus


Gary Van Spronsen, president of Miller SQA, has been asked to leave the thriving subsidiary he helped to reinvent to join Herman Miller's corporate initiative on innovation. Miller SQA has pioneered processes new to the Herman Miller organization, such as computer-assisted sales and value chain integration. This case details the innovations that have led to a completely new business model for a previously underserved market and highlights the integration of target customer, product design, manufacturing, and supply chain management. Includes color exhibits.

Keywords: Innovation and Invention; Product Design; Product Development; Supply Chain Management; Business Model; Organizations; Values and Beliefs; Manufacturing Industry; Consumer Products Industry;


Sucher, Sandra J., and Stacy McManus. "Herman Miller (A): Innovation by Design." Harvard Business School Case 602-023, October 2001. (Revised November 2002.)