Case | HBS Case Collection | September 2001 (Revised June 2005)

Stevenson Industries (A)

by John A. Davis and Kacie LaChapelle


Simon Carlson, chairman of the board of his family's fourth-generation industrial company, must decide how to deal with his conflict with the company's nonfamily CEO. Hired by the board just 15 months earlier to pursue growth more aggressively, CEO Paul Steel has upset Carlson and several managers with his management approach with the very strained relationship between the chairman and CEO. The board must decide how it will deal with Steel and Carlson.

Keywords: Family Business; Management Succession; Management Style; Governing and Advisory Boards; Management Teams; Rank and Position; Organizational Culture; Decision Making; Manufacturing Industry;


Davis, John A., and Kacie LaChapelle. "Stevenson Industries (A)." Harvard Business School Case 802-086, September 2001. (Revised June 2005.)