Case | HBS Case Collection | September 2001 (Revised August 2004)

Rapid Rewards at Southwest Airlines

by Frances X. Frei and Corey B. Hajim


Southwest Airlines is well known as the low-fare airline that has achieved ongoing financial success in one of the most financially troubled industries in the United States. Told from the perspectives of two Southwest customers--a frequent flier and a more typical customer--the case revolves around two customer service requests from the frequent flier, both of which provide a compelling temptation to cater to the satisfaction of the airline's highest revenue customers. The requests are intriguing because they would neither add cost nor increase the turnaround time of Southwest's service.

Keywords: Customer Relationship Management; Air Transportation; Service Operations; Service Delivery; Air Transportation Industry;


Frei, Frances X., and Corey B. Hajim. "Rapid Rewards at Southwest Airlines." Harvard Business School Case 602-065, September 2001. (Revised August 2004.)