Case | HBS Case Collection | August 2001

Charmed Technology

by Youngme E. Moon


Charmed Technology, a California start-up known primarily for its high-profile fashion shows featuring "wearable" computers, has just released its first product. The "CharmIT" is being billed as the world's first affordable, wearable computer for consumers. The key issue facing the company is whether it is time to begin expending greater marketing resources to build a customer base for the CharmIT. The company has no marketing team. Indeed, it doesn't even have a VP of marketing or sales yet. However, if Charmed decides to hire a marketing team, it will have to fire a significant number of engineers because of budgetary constraints. Given that the CharmIT is still a first-generation product, CEO Alex Lightman is unsure whether this makes sense. Includes color exhibits.

Keywords: Entrepreneurship; Resignation and Termination; Technological Innovation; Marketing Strategy; Product Development; Luxury; Hardware; Value Creation; Computer Industry; Fashion Industry;


Moon, Youngme E. "Charmed Technology." Harvard Business School Case 502-012, August 2001.