Case | HBS Case Collection | August 2001 (Revised September 2005)

eBay (A): The Customer Marketplace

by Frances X. Frei and Hanna Rodriguez-Farrar


eBay, the popular Internet-based consumer-to-consumer marketplace, has recently become attractive to corporate customers. According to a vocal subset of eBay customers, the company has lost its way and is set to forsake its traditional business. Told from the perspectives of two eBay customers--a buyer and a seller--the case presents the challenges and opportunities posed by increased corporate involvement.

Keywords: Customers; Multi-Sided Platforms; Problems and Challenges; Opportunities; Trust; Internet; Web Services Industry;


Frei, Frances X., and Hanna Rodriguez-Farrar. "eBay (A): The Customer Marketplace." Harvard Business School Case 602-071, August 2001. (Revised September 2005.)