Case | HBS Case Collection | August 2001 (Revised October 2005)

Sony AIBO: The World's First Entertainment Robot

by Youngme E. Moon


The Sony AIBO is the world's first "entertainment" robot. Positioned as a household "companion," the $1,500 AIBO has become a smash hit in Japan, appealing to both the young and the old, including those with little technical expertise. In the United States, the AIBO is in hot demand among "techies" infatuated with high-tech gadgets; however, it has yet to catch on with the mainstream. The task for Takeshi Yazawa, VP and general manager of Sony Entertainment Robot America, is to figure out how to market the AIBO to the American masses. Includes color exhibits.

Keywords: Experience and Expertise; Entertainment; Innovation Strategy; Leadership; Marketing Strategy; Technology; Technology Industry; Japan; United States;


Moon, Youngme E. "Sony AIBO: The World's First Entertainment Robot." Harvard Business School Case 502-010, August 2001. (Revised October 2005.)