Case | HBS Case Collection | August 2001 (Revised January 2015)

SonoSite: A View Inside

by Clayton Christensen and Jeremy Dann


After its spin-off from one of the world's largest ultrasound makers, Sonosite attempts to popularize a new kind of handheld ultrasound units. Sonosite needs to decide if it should focus on new markets that will value the portability and ease of use of its products, or if it should evolve its offerings so that they appeal to radiologists and cardiologists, the largest purchasers of ultrasound systems.

Keywords: Customers; Disruptive Innovation; Product Positioning; Demand and Consumers;


Christensen, Clayton, and Jeremy Dann. "SonoSite: A View Inside." Harvard Business School Case 602-056, August 2001. (Revised January 2015.)