Case | HBS Case Collection | July 2001 (Revised September 2005)

USA TODAY: Pursuing the Network Strategy (A)

by Michael L. Tushman, Michael J. Roberts and David Kiron


Describes the evolution of USA TODAY Online, the electronic version of the newspaper, within the organizational structure of the newspaper. Describes the tensions and issues that develop and the pressure from the Online division to be spun off. At the same time, CEO Tom Curley sees a greater strategic need for integration. Poses the question of what degree or type of strategic integration is required, what degree of organizational integration this implies, and how it can be achieved.

Keywords: Business Units; Organizational Change and Adaptation; Integration; Online Technology; Organizational Design; Groups and Teams; Newspapers; Innovation and Invention; Journalism and News Industry;


Tushman, Michael L., Michael J. Roberts, and David Kiron. "USA TODAY: Pursuing the Network Strategy (A)." Harvard Business School Case 402-010, July 2001. (Revised September 2005.)