Teaching Note | HBS Case Collection | June 2001

Teaching IT Executive Education Courses TN

by Richard L. Nolan


In the information age, it is important that IT be addressed in an effective way accessible to practicing executives. Teaching IT to executives continues to change in concepts and content as IT penetrates deeply into every area of business. Driven by Moore's Law, the economics of using IT in business has changed from computers costing millions of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars to a few thousand dollars. The technology for applying computers has improved to the point where business can build IT infrastructures allowing them to connect their businesses through the shared Internet to millions of computers around the world. The improving economics and the improving technology of IT has major implications for almost every facet of the practicing executive's job. This teaching note describes the approach used at the Harvard Business School to incorporate IT into the various formats of general manager education courses. The approach involves the uses of recently developed field cases together with short technical notes available through Harvard Business School Publishing.

Keywords: Transformation; Developing Countries and Economies; Business Education; Managerial Roles; Organizational Structure; Performance Effectiveness; Performance Improvement; Information Technology;


Nolan, Richard L. "Teaching IT Executive Education Courses TN." Harvard Business School Teaching Note 301-151, June 2001.